Saturday, July 2, 2016

Testimonials: Samuel Jakob Kirschner

"When I met Stan in 2000 at the Russian baths in NYC, I had no idea that fifteen minutes into our conversation he would say - “I’m here to assist you in becoming the Lama that you are.”

Nor did I have an idea that we wouldn’t part for the next seven years, and get married twice - in the country and in the city, with his whole family in attendance. I also had no idea that in those seven years together, I would have found the spiritual partner that I looked for and felt most natural with, and that he would stretch me as a healer by going for mindful walks to Ground Zero to help the souls that were trapped there to move on... Teach mindfulness meditation & Qi-Yoga workshops together in Jerusalem, Istanbul & lake Attitlan in Guatemala.

I also didn’t know that our relationship would end the way it did, and that through dealing with the loss, I would have found the lost part of my soul - Jakob, and that I would learn to love all the way, in a sacred manner & in celebration. Stan & I continue to collaborate in spirit and I’ve learned through our relationship to trust that you can be whole & complete, alone & together.”              

Samuel Kirschner -

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