Saturday, July 2, 2016

Testimonials: Sharon Salzberg

      Sometimes a calling comes to us when we're not expecting it. Leslie Booker describes how one came to her. "I was doing event coordination for a new Age holistic center after leaving the fashion industry. I met everyone who was on the circuit, and my mentor, Stan Grier, would say to me almost weekly, "You should really teach for the Lineage project." the Lineage Project  is a non-profit that brings awareness-based practices like yoga and mediation to incarcerated kids in New York City. Why? I hate teenagers and I don't teach yoga; why on earth would I ever work with them?' I'd reply. It sounded like the one thing I would never do with my life!

   Stan, however, was the most patient and persuasive human being I've ever had the privilege to know. After about a year, I found myself in a yoga teacher training, not with the intention of teaching, but simply to deepen my understanding my body and my practice. Within a few months of completing my teacher training, I was teaching alongside Stan  at a secured juvenile facility in the South Bronx.  

Excerpt from "Real Happiness at Work: Meditations for

Accomplishment, Achievement, and Peace" (page 205)

By Sharon Salzberg

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